“I met his parents; we were covered in blood trying to save him”

Maria Escalda, who tried to save Tim Scholten, the 19–year-old Dutch teenager who tragically died after being hit by a car with another 7 people in St. Julian’s, told Newsbook.com.mt that she met his parents this morning, at the place of the incident.

Escalda, who works as a DJ, explained how Tim’s parents are devastated by what has happened. As they were shown pictures of him, they told Escalda that they are not angry at Malta, but are concerned about the low levels of security in the streets, particularly as regards to drunk driving.

Tim’s parents describe their son to have been a quiet yet happy teenager who loves life. His Facebook profile shows that he loved to go abroad and his visit in Malta as a tourist proved to be his last.

Newsbook.com.mt were the first to speak with Escalda, only a couple of hours after the incident. She emerged as a hero in her attempt to save his life, despite the fact that she saw him bleed out with her own eyes.

She explained that she was still awake working on her music, when she hear the sound of a car crash and rushed down to provide CPR. She found Tim with gaping head wounds, and ended up covered in his blood.

To Newbook.com.mt, Escalda said that after such a shocking experience she is traumatised and has not managed to sleep even though she had been awake all night.