“I hope this vocation will help you continue to grow in humility,” Pope tells Mgr Grech

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Pope Francis wrote a letter to Mgr Mario Grech wishing him well for his new vocation as cardinal, saying that he hopes this new vocation will make him grow in humility and in the spirit of service.

The letter was written on Sunday when Mgr Grech, Secretary General for the Synod of Bishops, was nominated as Cardinal by the Pope himself. It was published today.

This morning, Mgr Grech, former Gozo bishop, held a private audience with the Pope in the Apostolic Palace.

In his letter, Pope Francis tells Mgr Grech, “‘We are useless servants.’ That is what the Lord taught us to say when once we have done our work, and to demand no other recompense but this, and the grace of having been chosen to serve.”

He also asked him to receive the good wishes expressed to him by many with simplicity, reminding him of Jesus’ entrance in Jerusalem and the Friday that followed. Pope Francis asked the former bishop to ensure that the celebrations held for him will be simple and far from any worldly spirit.

Tomorrow morning Mgr Mario Grech will be greeted upon his arrival in Malta by two delegations consisting of representatives from the Apostolic Nunciature and the two dioceses.