Watch: I do not know if I will be able to ask my mother for Christmas lunch – Melillo

Public health consultant Tanya Melillo warned against gatherings for any sort of festivities. In comments to, Dr Melillo said that responsible parents will organise home activities for their children for Halloween and certainly not go Trick or Treating. She added that knocking on the homes of strangers meant exposure to any sort of virus including Covid-19 and given the high rate of transmission, this activity is certainly not advisable.

A Quiet Christmas

Off the books too, are all forms of gatherings said Dr Melillo who included Black Friday queueing, Christmas shopping, Christmas lunches and all that involves groups of people. “I still do not know if I will ask my own mother to Christmas Lunch,” said Dr Melillo, adding “Since both my husband and I work and my children too go out of the house, I do not think I should expose her to the risk.” Dr Melillo said that with the numbers in triple digits and set to rise, it is definitely advisable to spend as quiet a Christmas as possible within the nucleus of the family unit.


Dr Melillo also warned against shopping in crowded places such as malls and on occasions where queues are long such as Black Friday. Acknowledging that this is a hardship, even for herself, Dr Melillo advised online shopping for safety. She warned that the influenza season will soon be in full force and the need for ventilation in offices, shops and houses cannot be emphasised enough. “Dress well and open those windows,” said Dr Melillo who added that in offices, at least, windows can be opened while the staff is out on the break.