I am convinced that I always acted correctly – Cutajar

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

While Parliamentary Secretary Rosienne Cutajar believes that she acted correctly, the NGO Republika begs to differ and asked PM Abela to dismiss her. Independent candidate Arnold Cassola asked the Commissioner for Standards in Public Life to investigate Cutajar.

“I am convinced that I always acted correctly legally, ethically and politically and am ready to defend my name if and as needed,” said on her Facebook page, Parliamentary Secretary Rosianne Cutajar.

Cutajar was reacting to the stories published by The Sunday Times of Malta [and MaltaToday earlier today.

According to the reports the Parliamentary Secretary allegedly was paid €46,500 as brokerage fees on the sale of a property in Mdina.

The property, for which the promise of sale was already signed, was to be purchased by Yorgen Fenech. The businessman had already paid a deposit of €300,000 for the deal.

According to the reports the payment was made in cash and was not declared in her Parliamentary declaration of accounts.

Rosianne Cutajar denies any wrongdoing. She said, “I am told that until today, there is no court case or legal proceeding about this alleged request, as is normally the case when somebody believes that he is owed something in the civil field.”

Calls for dismissal

Repubblika said that Prime Minister Robert Abela needs to take action and dismiss Cutajar.

The Civil Society NGO declared that this is further evidence of the failure of Maltese institutions. Another damaging news while expecting the Moneyval report to be published. 

Repubblika said that if the prime minister does not dismiss Rosianne Cutajar, he will be failing in his obligation to the Maltese people to ensure decency in public life and legality.

“Daily revelations are showing a state of impunity for those in power and their close network and inacceptable relations with business people and the criminal worls. These are the circumstances that led to the murder of a journalist and Malta’s reputation ridiculed in front of the world”  the NGO said.

Independent candidate Arnold Cassola Dr George Hyzler – Commissioner for Standards in Public Life, to investigate the case.

He pointed out the grievous offence since she made money from deals with Yorgen Fenech while knowing his involvement in 17 Black.

The leader of Partit Nazzjonalista Bernard Grech called for the resignation or dismissal of Parliamentary Secretary Rosianne Cutajar following the allegations.

“These are individuals in government that believe that they can do whatever they like and carry business and build close relationships with persons implicated in murders as if nothing is wrong” said Dr Grech.

Cutajar should resign or be dismissed – Bernard Grech
Cutajar should resign or be dismissed – Bernard Grech