“I am against abortion” – Anthony Buttigieg

MEP candidate Anthony Buttigieg

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

MEP candidate Anthony Buttigieg has declared black on white that he is against abortion.

In response to a number of questions posed to the Partit Demokratiku MEP hopeful by Politico, Buttigieg declared that he is against abortion except for medical reasons, where the mother’s life is at risk and on practical grounds.

Although declaring that he is not particularly religious, he did note that as a doctor, he comes across many couples who go through substantial financial and psychological stress to have children, either through IVF or through adoption, often without success.

He highlighted that he believes that Malta should work towards building up social structures that make it easier for women with unwanted pregnancies to be able to pass on their future children onto others, with as little hassle and stress as possible.

Anthony Buttigieg stressed that rather than pushing women to procure abortion, he would like Malta to have the structures in place for women to not deem it necessary to opt for abortion.

Buttigieg also noted that abortion is being used as a political tool in the MEP campaign and that he is sorry to see that abortion, which is in the competence of Malta’s national parliament not the European Parliament, has become the main talking point of this campaign.