Hugo Chetcuti’s murder: Different and conflicting theories

Malta’s newspapers today gave front page coverage to the police investigation into the murder of Paceville entertainment mogul Hugo Chetcuti. Conflicting reports about whether or not foreign criminal syndicates were involved, as well as the possibility of assistance from Interpol, formed part of the coverage.

Times of Malta reported that Interpol, Europol and police forces from countries in Eastern European have been contacted by the Maltese police officials who are investigating the murder. The police refused to confirm or deny this with they were contacted by

L-orizzont and Times of Malta had diametrically different reports about whether or not foreign crime syndicates were involved in the murder. Yesterday’s l-orizzont reported that police sources were of the opinion that Chetcuti’s murder was “a mafia-style execution”. L-orizzont mentioned the Mafia in Balkan countries and warned that’s Chetcuti’s death could be followed by inter-gang fighting.

However, The Times’ sources said that the mafia theory  was not given any importance by the investigators. This hypothesis is probably strengthened by a post on Facebook uploaded yesterday by family lawyer Joe Giglio. He wrote that Bojan Cmelik, the 35 year old Serbian who will now be accused of the murder had mental problems and was frequently drunk at work.

The Malta Independent and In-Nazzjon emphased other aspects. According to The Malta Independent Hugo Chetcuti had never met with his aggressor, despite being an employee.

On the other hand, In-Nazzjon focused on the medical condition of Chetcuti, and reported that a fatal infection resulted in his death six days after the accident took place.

Hugo Chetcuti, 52, died last Thursday, six days after being knifed in Paceville a week before.

The accused, Bojan Cmelik is not collaborating with the Police.