How will childcare centres enforce social distancing, PN MP asks

Luke Zerafa

Nationalist MP Clyde Puli questioned the government’s plans to reopen childcare centres and SkolaSajf in Parliament today, expressing doubts on the authorities’ ability to ensure that all precautions relating to the Covid-19 pandemic are taken.

Speaking in Parliament, Puli, his party’s education spokesman, said that he was flooded with messages after Prime Minister Robert Abela announced that the centres were to reopen shortly, stating that many had been taken by surprise.

“When you speak with people in the field, they will raise many questions; they do not know how they can reopen,” the MP said.

Puli welcomed Education Minister Owen Bonnici’s assertion that the reopening would be based on frameworks set by UNICEF, but pointed out that the framework was just that, and that it needed to be fleshed out.

“The details must be ironed out with the help of people in the field… too many questions remain on these details,” he said.

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