How did businesses fare this Black Friday?

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

According to the Malta Chamber of SMEs, even though initial reactions varied, this year’s Black Friday was still exceptional when compared to the rest of the year and sometimes even comparable to last year’s Black Friday.

In a statement, the Chamber said that the Home Electronics sector was one of the most successful, with businesses reporting levels close to or exceeding Black Friday of last year. Home-related businesses also did quite well. Most of the businesses noted that since most people are spending more time at home, home investments have remained strong.

The clothing sector is believed to have had less positive results, however, are still overall content with the results. Casual clothing did better in this category and most businesses say they reached 50% to 85% of last year’s Black Friday sales. These businesses also expect business to continue picking up today as people can focus more on their purchases after work.

The elegant and occasion wear stores, unfortunately, did not fare well at all. The Chamber remarked that people have little scope in buying occasion wear with the different way in which people will be experiencing the festive season this year due to the Covid restrictions.

As expected, online shopping has increased. Apart from this, businesses also reported having additional staff specifically to help manage people and ensure that health guidelines are followed.

The Chamber also reminded that most Black Friday offers do not end today and keep extending over the weekend and sometimes even beyond. Through the SME Chamber’s ‘Guide to Local Black Friday Offers’, consumers will be able to see which days the offers will continue to run on and plan their shopping accordingly.