Watch: How Covid-19 pandemic affects your mental health

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Every day the media inform us of the new cases of coronavirus and the negative effects that the virus is having on the physical health of many. However few are conscious of the negative effects that coronavirus is having on the mental health of many people. Probably the number of the latter is greater than the number of the former.

The mental health of thousands is being negatively impacted: senior citizens, children, victims of domestic violence, students, workers, persons hit by the virus, their families, and many others.

What can one do? What help is available?

On Thursday at 4pm on this subject will be discussed during the programme Newsbook Q&A.

The guest of Fr Joe Borg will be the social psychologist Prof Mary Anne Lauri, CEO of Richmond Foundation, Stephania Dimech Sant, and Andrea Bellizzi, Manager Community Support Services of Richmond Foundation.