How can you clean the air in your home?

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Many people are currently spending the majority of their time indoors. Families and children sharing a living space all day, since the children are off school. People working from home rather than at the office. Perhaps spending more time indoors with pets…

One way to ensure that the air in your home is cleaned faster and more often – especially now when you are spending so much time in it – is by using an air purifier.

Winix Air Purifiers clean the air in your home from dust, particulate matter, dust mites, viruses, bacteria, pollen, mould, hair, as well as odours from pets, cooking smells and cigarette smoke quickly and effectively. They also help people who suffer from allergens and hay fever.

Winix Air Purifiers use the highest quality filters in combination with the unique WINIX PlasmaWave® technology which ensures that even the smallest particles are filtered without the addition of any chemicals. 

During these times, RIBI Malta is offering a fast and free delivery service for all their air purifiers. They have a number of payment options, including contactless on delivery. All boxes are sprayed with anti-viral spray.

Online shopping is available from their website but orders can also be made via Facebook Messenger, email: or Whatsapp: 79097909.

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