Hospice Malta Crowdfunds to support patient transport service

Hospice Malta has launched a crowdfunding campaign on online platform ZAAR to help maintain its free patient transport services, while ensuring all other funds raised may be channelled into their care-giving services.

Delivering palliative care services to patients suffering from cancer, motor neuron disease (ALS) and life-limiting cardiac, respiratory, liver and renal diseases, Hospice Malta ensures that each patient is treated with compassion and dignity through a care plan that is tailor-made to their individual needs, as well as to those of their relatives.

As a voluntary organisation, each of the Hospice’s services, including professional advice and home sessions from nurses, doctors, social workers, physiotherapists, psychologists, complementary therapists, chaplains and care assistants are all provided free of charge, and entirely depend on contributions from fundraising efforts.

“Hospice Malta provides more than 8,000 sessions of care and support to around 1,200 patients every year who are suffering from various life-limiting illnesses,” explains Hospice Malta’s Chief Relations Officer James Davis. “Since all our services are provided free of charge, the hospice needs the public’s generosity in order to support our mission. We are certain that by donating to Hospice Malta, people will feel that they are ‘investing’ towards an organisation that someone they love needs or may one day need.”

Through the programme, patients are transported by special wheelchair-oriented vans and in private cars with volunteer drivers, while one van is used solely for transporting oncology hospital patients. Providing transport for more than 200 patients every year, the Hospice requires around €24,000, equating to €120 per patient, to keep the service running – and so it has launched the ‘Sponsor the Patient Trip Program’ via a crowdfunding campaign on ZAAR.

“We hope to raise €12,000 or more via crowdfunding on ZAAR, which not only will keep our transport programme running – on which many of the Hospice’s patients rely – but also will make sure that funds raised from other sources can be channelled into the wide range of other services we provide, such as our home care service, day therapy and hydrotherapy services, after hours on-call service, psychological support, bereavement support, respite care, and loan of special equipment,” James continues.

Apart from the satisfaction of investing in an organisation that provides such life-changing services, backers contributing to the ZAAR campaign can also expect to receive a thank you note or email from the Hospice and a printed Hospice bookmark or Sunflower badge, depending on the amount donated. Backers may also choose to sponsor a full trip for €120, or half a trip for a €60, or choose another sponsorship amount.

For more information or to make a donation, visitors are invited to see the ‘Sponsor the Patient Trip Program’ Hospice Malta crowdfunding campaign.