Hong Kong’s fight is for ‘humanity itself’ – Denise Ho, activist

Hong Kong singer and activist Denise Ho wants U.S. lawmakers and companies to criticize Beijing’s actions in Hong Kong, to help change the Chinese Communist Party’s behaviour.

“I believe that Hong Kong is in the front lines of this very global fight for humanity itself,” she told Reuters on Monday (September 16).

The Chinese territory has been rocked by more than three months of sometimes violent clashes, with demonstrators angry about what they see as creeping interference by Beijing in Hong Kong’s affairs, despite a promise of autonomy. Beijing is exporting its authoritarian values around the world, Ho said.

China has denounced the protests and accused the United States and Britain of interfering in its affairs in Hong Kong. It has sent clear warnings that forceful intervention is possible.

Ho will testify with Joshua Wong, secretary-general of Hong Kong’s Demosisto party and leader of the “Umbrella Movement,” and other activists in Congress on Tuesday at an event hosted by the Congressional-Executive Commission on China (CECC).

U.S. lawmakers are fine-tuning a bipartisan bill that would require an annual review of the special treatment Washington gives Hong Kong, including trade and business privileges, under the U.S. Hong Kong Policy Act of 1992.

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