Homeownership increases by 26.5% over the past seven years

Photo by: Unsplash

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Homeownership in Malta has increased by 26.5% over the past seven years, according to the latest data published by the National Statistics Office, NSO and as quoted by the government in a press release issued on Tuesday.

The data was gathered by NSO in a survey on income and living conditions amongst 4,000 families.

The Ministry for Family and Social Solidarity said that these are positive statistics especially when one considers the increase in the population over recent years.

The statistics show that in 2019 the number of households owning their main dwelling amounted to 151,260. This means an increase of  31,704 when compared to 2013. And the number of households who bought a property during 2019 increased by 3,300 when compared to 2018.

This means that eight of every ten households are owned by those who live in it and the rest rent a property or they live in a property but do not pay rent.

Statistics also show that in 2019 the number of rented places was over 45,000, which means an increase of 8,800 when compared to 2013.

The data also shows that out of a population of 467,000, around 17,700 individuals feel that the property they live in is small to raise their family. Almost half are classified as being at risk of social exclusion or at risk of poverty.