Homeless this Christmas; and not just at Christmas

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Many people during the Christmas season will be homeless this Christmas. Truth be told they are homeless all the year round. Homelessness is a tragedy for the individual concerned and for all society. Some blame the homeless for their own fate. Many others say that homelessness is mainly the result of an unjust economic model.

Newsbook.com.mt and 103 Malta’s Heart joined forces to create awareness about this problem. As part of this campaign, this Saturday at 10.00a.m. homelessness will be discussed during the programme Andew Azzopardi on 103.

Prof Andrew Azzopardi will discuss this problem also in the context of the recent NAO study which shows that current studies do not do justice to the analysis of the problem as certain vulnerable sectors of society are not well represented.

Among the guests of Prof Azzopardi one finds:

Stephanie Fenech, Community Development Worker; Andre’ Bonello, from Caritas and Fr Karm Aquilina OFM Capp. Telephone links will be made with persons working in the sector as well as with homeless people.

This Saturday at 10:00am on 103 Malta’s Heart.

You too can do your part to raise awareness about the plight of the homeless. Use your voice in the social media and link to this article. Perhaps, you might also, like the Newsbook and 103 employees take your smartphone and recored and upload a video message. Every little helps.

This article is part of Newsbook.com.mt’s ‘Ma Kienx Hemm Post Għalihom fil-Lukanda’ campaign.