Holding the Seawatch is ‘unacceptable and shameful for a constitutional state’

SeaWatch e.V. has sent an open letter to Prime Minister Joseph Muscat strongly objecting to the detention order on their vessel Sea-Watch 3 in the Grand Harbour. They are holding him responsible for any death at sea in the Central Mediterranean that this action may create. They called on the Prime Mnister to show responsibility and release the Seawatch.

The NGO claimed that the Maltese Government is restricting right of freedom of movement on the Sea-Watch 3 , whilst the Malta Port Authority has refused the request for the vessel to leave Malta on what the NGO called ‘sketchy and undocumented grounds’. They also stated that the Maltese Government had also stopped short an agreement with the Ministry for Transport in August when Transport Malta had authorized the vessel to sail out provided that, in the future, due authorization should be sought to navigate through and within Maltese waters.

Seawatch e.V. said these measures unacceptable and shameful for a constitutional state.

Full open letter may be viewed here.