‘History will recognise Muscat’s contribution’ – Brian Tonna


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Nexia BT chief Brian Tonna, whose firm opened offshore structures in Panama including those belonging to Keith Schembri, former chief of staff to the prime minister and Konrad Mizzi, former Energy and Tourism Minister, left a Facebook comment in which he said that history would recognise Prime Minister Joseph Muscat.

While Malta has plunged into a political and constitutional crisis, Muscat announced that he will only step down after a new Partit Laburista leader would be elected, giving himself a 40 day lifeline.

Muscat told the press that he will only be involved in day-to-day administration. Since that announcement the first state advocate has been named and Parliament adjourned for a long Christmas break.

‘Never before there was statesmanship and leadership that brought the envy of failed pretenders,’ Tonna wrote.

The comment was posted beneath a post uploaded by former GWU’s secretary general Tony Zarb.

The Daphne Project had revealed that Tonna who is a managing partner at Nexia BT sat on the Enemalta selection committee handling the new project, along with three other staff members from the same financial firm.