Historic milestone unearthed during works at Marsalforn Menqa


A British-era milestone is to be incorporated in the rehabilitation of the Marsalforn Menqa after being unearthed during excavations related to the project.

The news was announced by Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri during a visit to the site.

The minister said that it was estimated to be around 150 years old, and that it would be kept in its original location. He thanked the workers involved in the project for recognising its historic importance and ensuring its preservation.

Camilleri was accompanied by Wirt Għawdex president Giovanni Zammit, who noted that the British had introduced a system of milestones across the Maltese islands. They were made of coralline limestone, known for its hardness and its durability.

But as is the case with most extant milestones, its inscription, chiselled into the stone, has been defaced. This was a deliberate act by the British authorities during the Second World War, with the aim of ensuring that they would not assist the enemy should a land invasion have been carried out.