Highlights of the Financial Week ending 4 January 2019

MSE Trading Report for Week ending 4 January 2019

MSE Equity Total Return Index closed 0.470% lower at 8,956.752 points. 12 equities were active, of which two headed north while another three closed in the red. Turnover generated amounted to €547,663.

In the banking industry, BOV closed 0.75% lower at €1.32 HSBC closed unchanged at €1.83 while FIMBank headed the list of fallers with a drop of 5.33% to €0.71.

The best performer of the week was PG as it advanced by 3.01% to close at €1.37 with just three transactions having 8,675 shared executed. Such trades generated a weekly turnover of €11,885.

Similarly, Mapfre also went up by 2.51% to €2.04 with just two transactions involving 1,450 shares. This generated a turnover of €2,918.

On the other hand, GO went down to €3.90 with a fall in price of 1.52%. Such negative movement was made with a single transaction of 1,100 shares, generating a turnover of €4,290.

The Malta Government Stocks market had a quite positive week, as out of the 28 active issues, nine closed positive territory and only declined in value.

The corporate debt market out of the 18 active issues, there increased in value while another five lost ground.

Full Weekly Report for week ending 4th January 2019.

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