Highest protection for some buildings in Sliema and Gżira

A number of buildings in Sliema and Gżira have been granted protective status by the Planning Authority over their architectural value and their cultural heritage.

The Salesian school of St. Patrick’s, ex-Savoy Hotel, the Imperial Hotel, and Gżira’s health centre are some of the newly protected buildings. These buildings are located in largely re-developed parts of Sliema and Gżira and are among the last remnants of any cultural contextualisation in the area.

The highest level of protection was given to the building where Gżira’s water pump was located in and to the surrounding areas near Sliema’s Fortress and Tower.

Buildings with second degree protection included some homes in Stella Maris Street and in Our Lady of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Street in Sliema, two old grocery stores and Capua Palace.