High-level corruption must be treated differently in whistle blower law

Partit Nazzjonalista’s Head of Delegation in the European Parliament, David Casa said that whistle blowers of the government should present any information to the judicial body, independent from the government.

Casa stated: “In cases of corruption at the highest levels of government, reporting through such channels is ineffective. Such whistle blowers should be given the opportunity to present the information they possess to a body within the judiciary that will have the necessary powers to take action and provide protection.”

Casa said that the judicial body will provide people who disclose information of violation of law with physical and legal protection, as well as investigate and bring the people involved in such corruption to justice.

He said, “We have witnessed how the law was abused in Malta when it is those at the highest levels of power that are being exposed. I am working to address this vulnerability through the proposed EU law.”

David Casa is the spokesperson for the European People’s Party group about the whistle blowers’ law in the European Parliament Committee on Employment and Social Affairs. Casa’s proposals were adopted by the Committee this week in Brussels.

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