Herrera orders action against slime


The Environment and Resource Authority (ERA) and the Fisheries Department have been instructed to take action against those fish farms that are not abiding by the conditions laid out by their permit.

In a statement, the Environment Ministry said that a number of bays on the south coast of Malta were afflicted by the tuna slime which was washed up on shore.

The Ministry also confirmed that the slime was indeed caused by tuna, following inspections carried out by both ERA and the Fisheries Department. The Ministry said that fish farm owners failed to take the necessary steps in order to mitigate the slime and announced that measures against the operators was taken. The fish farm operators have been stopped from fattening the tuna until the necessary measures were in place. The federation of fish farm operators committed itself to monitor this.

Over the past few days a number of photos from various bays documented the widespread problem of tuna slime from the tuna pens. ERA had encouraged the public to report such sightings immediately.