Heritage Malta venues in Valletta open for free during Notte Bianca

On Saturday 5th October, during Notte Bianca, Heritage Malta is opening its museums and exhibitions in Valletta for free.

In preparation for this event, Heritage Malta museums in Valletta will close at 3.00 pm (last admission 2.30 pm) and will re-open at 6.00 pm, except for the Fortifications Interpretation Centre and the Palace State Rooms.

During Notte Bianca the National Museum of Archaeology, the Palace Armoury and Fort St Elmo will remain open till midnight (last admission 11.30 pm), whereas MUŻA will be open until 1.00 am (last admission 12.30 am).

Heritage Malta, in collaboration with the Office of the Prime Minister, will also organise the exhibition ‘Dak li writna – u dak li se nħallu warajna’ at the Auberge de Castille. There will also be free admission to the temporary exhibitions, ‘Ta’ Ġawhar Tower – Gold, Bread and Fire’ and ‘Culhat Al Belt – Sette Giugno 1919’, both hosted at the National Museum of Archaeology.

Heritage Malta sites feature also in the Notte Bianca official programme of events with ‘FourTe’ Classic guitar ensemble, ‘Fed & Emm’ duo, ‘Of gypsy moves and fiddler tunes’ vocal recital, and the ‘Underground cabaret show’ at MUŻA.

Fort St Elmo will host the ‘Los Galidnos’ circus performance and ‘Notte Fatatini’ Sensi Theatrum’s sensory performance, together with a multicultural event. The latter is being organised by the Funds and Programmes Division within the Parliamentary Secretariat for EU Funds and Social Dialogue, MEAE, as the National Focal Point for the EEA and Norway Grants in Malta, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the EEA Grants.

The Scrolls in the Museum 21-piece string orchestra and the Journey Through a Romantic Landscape ensemble will perform at the National Museum of Archaeology.

More information is available on the Heritage Malta’s website.