Heritage Malta registers as objector to Giardino Zamittello development

Heritage Malta

Heritage Malta has registered itself as an official objector to a proposed development set for Giardino Zamittello.

The national agency of the Maltese government, has said that the development under PA/00698/19,  ‘would ultimately mean the destruction of the magnificent and important historic garden known as Giardino Zamittello. Such development would also inevitably lead to the crippling of the historic Villa Frere.’

Heritage Malta had recently been given the responsibility for protecting Villa Frere, requesting the the site be made a Grade 1 heritage monument along the scheduling of the Giardino Zamittello gardens. They also requested that the creation of a buffer zone to protect the whole site.

Both sites are understood to have key historical and cultural importance to Malta.

The walled Giardino Zamittello gardens date back to the mid-late 18th Century and are designed around the High Baroque, Neo-Classical style.  The gardens were originally owned by Maltese legislator Giuseppe Nicolo Zamitt sive Zamittello.  The tower that sits within the site is also understood to have been used by Maltese insurgents during the French blockade.

‘Pietà is best known for its patrician houses and gardens with the likes of Villa Guardamangia, Casa Guardamangia, Villa Medina and Villa Zammit. Villa Frere and Giardino Zamittello are special in that they offer a symbiosis in how they embrace the raking topography of the ancient Qrejten (Pietá). Apart from its intrinsic historic significance, Villa Frere is also important for the history of the Maltese language since Mikiel Anton Vassalli spent a long time in the property discussing with Frere how to establish Maltese as a written and taught language.’ Heritage Malta explains.