Heritage Malta activity for senior citizens at MUŻA

From Tuesday 26th to Friday 29th November, Heritage Malta is inviting senior citizens to attend at the national-community art museum MUŻA to participate in an intriguing event which involves the sharing of narratives.

Gone are the days when visitors were expected to stand in awe and in silence at museums. Today, visitors are invited to engage with museums in order to understand better the collective cultural heritage. Events are organised to foster dialogue, curiosity and self-reflection, while museum spaces are utilised to exchange stories of past and present.

The event, called Stories at the Museum, intends to inspire the participants through two specific artworks that can ignite conversation. Initially examining and sharing the stories which these paintings can tell, participants will then be encouraged to dwell on particular episodes which they have lived throughout their lives and to share them with others. In this way, the museum will serve to give voice to its audience.

The workshop will be followed by a coffee break and a museum tour which will focus on the stories discussed.

Booking for these events can be made at Heritage Malta’s museums and sites or online. For more information, call 2395 4360 or visit Heritage Malta’s website.

This content was supplied by Heritage Malta