A faster rollout is required – MAM

FILE PHOTO: A woman holds a small bottle labeled with a "Vaccine COVID-19" sticker and a medical syringe in this illustration taken April 10, 2020. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

“The Health authorities should also aim to vaccinate the whole population as fast as possible so as to make everybody safe and to kick start economic recovery as soon as possible”, said Dr Martin Balzan, Medical Association of Malta President.

The association said in a reaction to the Health Authorities report which revealed that to date 1,400 individuals have been jabbed with the first dose of the anti-Covid vaccine in Malta.

To achieve herd immunity and vaccine 70% of the population 3,733 vaccinations per day are required MAM calculated.

1,400 individuals vaccinated so far – report
1,400 individuals vaccinated so far – report

“The vast majority of healthcare professionals are feeling let down as to date only approximately one out of ten has received the first dose of the vaccine,” said Dr Martin Balzan President of MAM.

The statement read that MAM is surprised and disappointed to hear the very low targets for vaccination declared yesterday, which alarmingly reveal mathematical predictions which are completely wrong.

MAM is alarmed by stories that announced that the health authorities planned to provide only 5000 vaccinations per week. The association said that this would take 3 years to vaccinate the Maltese population.

MAM calculations:

  • To vaccinate 6000 front liners in five weeks, 342 jabs daily are needed
  • To vaccinate Maltese adult population 500,000 in 5 months (2 doses) 5333 vaccinations per day
  • To vaccinate 70% of the population, to achieve herd immunity, requires 3,733 jabs daily.

Prime Minister Robert Abela had announced that he wishes to see Malta back to business as usual by May.

Business as usual by May – PM Abela
Business as usual by May – PM Abela