Help l-Istrina by visiting Gozo 

Gozo channel will donate 25 cents from standard tickets 

Gozo Channel will be donating 25 cents from each standard ticket purchased during the month of December to the Malta Community Chest fund Foundation for Istrina. This was announced by the Minister for Gozo, Clint Camilleri.  

Istrina has become an annual event synonymous with Maltese and Gozitan generosity, said Camilleri. At this time of year everyone comes together to help others as our values guide us, continued the Minister.  

Gozo Channel fares will not be affected, and regular rates will continue to apply.  

The fundraising activities of the Community Chest Fund have been hit very badly by coronavirus. The Foundation had to cancel many fundraising activities. On the other hand, the number of people needing help has increased. Many have been the activities launched to counteract this deficit. 

Fundraisers for Community Chest Fund 

Community Chest Fund increases aid in 2019 while donations drop
Community Chest Fund increases aid in 2019, while donations drop

The Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation distributed nearly €15.2 million in aid last year, an increase of over €3 million when compared to the €11.85m in aid provided in 2018.While demand for assistance increased, the MCCFF experienced a decrease in the donations it received last year, from just over €7 million in 2018 to just under €6.5 million in 2019.  

Donations to the Community Chest Fund can now be made through the digital platform Launched by Malta Government Investments (MGI) 

New digital fundraising platform for community chest fund launched
New digital fundraising platform for Community Chest Fund launched

Various companies have joined and are contributing to the initiative.  

Meanwhile, St. Ignatius College Luqa Primary School on 3 December, will be holding a Casual Day in aid of Istrina 2020. Students will be able to go to school in casual wear (face masks still need to be worn), against a donation that will go towards the BOV Piggy Bank Campaign for Istrina 2020.  

L-Istrina BOV Piggy Bank campaign 2020 launched
L-Istrina BOV Piggy Bank campaign 2020 launched