“Help businesses retain workers” -GWU and UĦM

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Miguela Xuereb

The General Workers Union (GWU) and the UĦM Voice of the Workers, in separate statements, have both the government to implement measures to secure jobs.

The GWU said it is participating in discussions with various employers who have stated that the measures announced by the government on Wednesday, although they welcome the measures they will not help in securing jobs.

The union also said that in such circumstances the government must ensure that the measures adopted are sustainable and would not lead us to an economic recession.

The General Workers Union is urging the government to issue measures directly related to securing jobs.

It is also proposing the government to directly pay a percentage of wages and tax payments. The GWU said such a measure can easily help companies retain their employees.

The union is also proposing a reduction in Government’s Induced Costs for the manufacturing and tourism industry.

A moratorium on loans especially home loans should be made mandatory and for a period of over three months, is also being proposed by the GWU.

“The measures govt announced created more chaos” – UĦM

The UĦM Voice of the Workers has condemned the government for not consulting the employer and employees bodies before announcing financial measures that will have a negative consequence on businesses and jobs.

In a statement, the UĦM Voice of the Workers said that they cannot tolerate a situation where they have to wait for the government u announce the measures bit by bit to address the business community and employees affected by the coronavirus scenario.

The union stated that this is not the time to try and surprise or impress the unions and ultimately the public.

Josef Vella, Chief Executive Officer of UĦM Voice of the Workers, said that with the measures announced by the government on Wednesday, the government raised more question rather than providing answers to concerns.

Vella has also urged the government to address the rapid increase in retail prices for essential products as a result of the coronavirus spread in Malta.