Hello, I’m Oliver, your friendly GDPR guide


Remember those ‘Knock, Knock’ jokes? Here’s one: “Knock, Knock”, “Who’s there?” “ GDPR ” “GDPR, who?” “I can’t tell you cos you’re not authorised to handle my data!”

GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation which came into force this year are shrouded in a veil of awe that inspires in common mortals a sense of unique helplessness. Whilst most companies made a huge deal about GDPR, the newly enacted European legislation on data protection, the general public remained largely uninformed and disinterested.

Privacy is central to a healthy information society and the recently enacted GDPR offers EU citizens significant control over how their data can be collected, used and stored. The issue however, is that knowledge of the new data protection regime is limited, and citizens are often unable to understand and exercise their rights.

For this reason EBO, an Artificial Intelligence company which is working specifically in the sector of dialogue automation and Natural Language Processing, has created a free platform for everyone to learn more about GDPR.

Speaking to Newsbook.com.mt, EBO’s CEO Gege Gatt explained that his company wishes to solve this problem by making knowledge more accessible and so it undertook this not-for-profit initiative. This knowledge is shared through a conversation (or chat) led by Oliver, EBO’s quirky virtual bot.

“We have translated complex legal concepts into understandable and, dare I say fun, principles which the European public can interact with at no cost”, Gatt said.

Gatt hinted at expanding the service to other areas of policy as he said that the usage of the current service is hitting “incredibly high numbers which is a clear indication of the need for such citizen-centric services”.

He concluded by saying that he hopes that Oliver can help translate the content and context of EU policy in areas beyond privacy and thus contribute to a better-informed and safe information society.

Speak to Oliver here: www.speakgdpr.com