Updated: Heathrow airport resumes operation after drone sighting

Facebook: Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport has resumed its regular operations after suspending departures earlier today following sighting of another drone. In their most recent update on Twitter, the airport said that they were working with the Metropolitan Police to investigate the incident.


Earlier today, Heathrow airport suspended its departures after a drone was spotted in the area. The airport’s Twitter page explained that they were working with the Police to “prevent any threat to operational safety”.

A spokesperson for Air Malta confirmed that there were no flights scheduled for departure at Heathrow at the time. There was, however, one flight on the way to Heathrow but this was not affected by the suspension of departures at the airport. The situation is being closely monitored and any changes to scheduled flights will be communicated to clients if the need arises.

This is the second incident of drone sighting grounding flights in England in as many months after all flights to and from Gatwick airport were suspended in December following two drones flying over the airfield.