Healthcare workers provide service with a smile while under pressure

Charmaine Gauci
Miguela Xuereb

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Healthcare workers are working around the clock to provide medical services during the coronavirus outbreak. Despite the stress they are under in such circumstances and the fear brought about by the new novel virus, they provide service with a smile, Superintendent of Public Health Professor Charmaine Gauci said during an interview on 103 FM – Malta’s Heart.

Interviewed on Tuesday morning by Jesmond Saliba, Professor Gauci said that the situation brought the healthcare workers closer and more united. She remarked that one of the characteristics of the Maltese nation was to rise to the occasion and help in such situations. She explained that many healthcare workers had to leave their family home in order to protect their loved ones. Their families had to understand the new situation brought about by the coronavirus outbreak and adapt to the new reality.

Asked about the additional work which resulted due to the COVID-19, Professor Gauci said that some teams are working 24/7. This is not limited to public health employees but includes a number of teams from various entities such as primary healthcare workers at Mater Dei Hospital, rehabilitation entities, private hospitals, Gozo General Hospital and a number of volunteers. She explained that some retired individuals are also lending the authorities a hand. Retired professionals would help out in tasks which would not put their lives at risk.

“Recording low numbers doesn’t mean that it’s over”

Reflecting on the numbers being recorded, sometimes in single digits, Professor Gauci remarked that this does not mean that the virus has been eliminated from within the community or that the spread has stopped. The health authorities are aiming to keep numbers low.

Once again, Professor Gauci took the opportunity to remind the public to remain home and not to leave unless it is absolutely necessary. She highlighted that several supermarkets and groceries have adapted to the new reality and were offering a delivery service. This means that one’s need to leave the house is reduced. She also reminded the public to wipe the groceries once they arrive with soap and water.