Head of PN’s new electoral commission resigns within a week

Facebook - Gejtu Vella

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Gejtu Vella has resigned from the post of chairman of the Nationalist Party’s newly-established electoral, data and records commission, just a week after his appointment was announced.

The party had set up two new 5-member commissions – the one Vella was appointed to and a commission responsible for ethics, discipline and social media – in line with the new statute approved by its general council last month.

But in a letter addressed to the party’s secretary-general Francis Zammit Dimech, a copy of which was seen by Newsbook.com.mt, Vella said that after days of reflection, he felt that the best course of action was to step down. He said that his resignation would be in the best interest of the party, whilst thanking Zammit Dimech for the faith placed in him.

Earlier today, embattled party leader Adrian Delia called a meeting of the party’s parliamentary group to discuss the latest developments involving Melvin Theuma. But after some 40 minutes, a number of MPs walked out, as they insisted on discussing the party’s leadership struggles before moving on to other topics.

PN rejects claims of Vella-Delia feud

In a statement, the Nationalist Party rejected claims made in various media reports that Vella resigned in the wake of a feud with Delia or other party activists.

MaltaToday said that the former Union Ħaddiema Magħqudin secretary-general followed a heated telephone exchange with Delia amid disagreements with another member of the commission he was chosen to lead, Danica Caruana.

But the PN described this claim as an “outright lie,” stating that when contacted, Vella categorically denied it.

“There was absolutely no feud between Adrian Delia and Gejtu Vella,” the party said, adding that any claim of disagreements with Caruana was a figment of pure imagination.

The party similarly accused LovinMalta of writing “a series of false stories with the sole aim of placing Delia and the PN in a bad light.”

The website had contacted Vella for comment, who said that he “can’t operate in such a hostile environment.”

Vella was quoted as stating that Delia needed to seriously analyse the party’s situation and reach a decision.