Ħ’Attard’s railway track embankment restored and inaugurated

The only significant remaining railway track embankment in Malta, situated in Triq il-Linja Ħ’Attard was restored and its inauguration took place today.

The Ħ’Attard Local Council was the mastermind behind the preservation of this unique 19th century architectural heritage which formed part of the Malta Railway system (Il-Vapur tal-Art) and which operated from 1883 to 1931. The project was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, under Operational Programme I, 2014-2020 programme and the Development Fund within the Planning Authority.

The project’s next phase

Up next is the setting up of a cultural information and educational centre which will be equipped with display areas while also providing information related to cultural assets or landmarks that visitors will find within the locality of Ħ’Attard and the Three Villages (Ħ’Attard/Ħal Balzan/Ħal Lija). This will serve as a complement to the Three Villages heritage trail that MTA has set up.

A further part of the project includes the setting of a public library reading section. This initiative is the Local Council’s way of providing visitors with an experiential snapshot of the unique goings-on of Malta’s towns and villages. The main aim is to satiate the increasing demand of tourists for an authentic experience of our country during their stay here.

Implications of the project

Taking into account the need for the restoration and preservation of the cultural assets within the locality of Ħ’Attard, the Local Council calls on the local authorities, particularly the Superintendent for Cultural Heritage, to be proactive in conserving and preserving our architectural heritage.