Ħarbaħolma exhibition focuses on different landscape interpretations

‘Ħarbaħolma – Images of a Wistful Escape’ is Silvio John Camilleri’s first solo exhibition, following his participation in various collective initiatives.

The exhibition focuses on different landscape interpretations by the artist, where the technique varies from vigorous renditions with prominent brushstroke marks to more traditionally-inspired works. In the artist’s words, “My immediate surroundings catch my interest and I find that their interpretation helps in assimilating the mundane environment while creating a personal visual diary.”

Dingli from Sta Katarina Rabat 2019

He says that this series of works started with some smaller-sized ones which were meant as relatively quick interpretations, while pondering about the influence which our surroundings exert on our daily life:

“Probably there is no particular reason why I chose to focus on the particular locations, other than being somewhat familiar with them. Despite that I consider them as ordinary settings, these landscapes are strikingly different from the urban context which we are persistently surrounded by. In this sense, such works may be interpreted as escapist – hence the title of the exhibition. Using high-sounding terminology one may possibly label this series of works as a form of liberation or a catharsis from contemporary routine.”

‘Ħarbaħolma – Images of a Wistful Escape’ is being curated by art historian Dr Christian Attard. 

The exhibition will be on at Palazzo de Piro in Mdina from the 4th January till the 28th February 2020.