Ħamrun monument to get restored after 35 years

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Anton Buttigieg’s monument in Ħamrun is set to be restored with the locality’s mayor Christian Sammut saying that other monuments will also be restored. An application for the restoration of Anton Buttigieg’s monument was published in the Government Gazzette dated 12 December 2018.

Newsbook.com.mt reached out to Ħamrun’s mayor Christian Sammut and spoke to him about the planned restoration. The mayor said that as a Council they felt that it was their duty to take care of the monuments in the locality.

Sammut explained that the monument is almost 35-years-old. As a Council they felt it was time to restore the monument and embellish the area. The mayor said that with the help of professionals they could apply to restore the monument. Sammut further explained that the project would primarily help with documenting information about the monument and secondly they would be also cleaning the monument.

The mayor said that from the quotes available the works are expected to cost roughly €3,000. The works include coating the monument to prevent corrosion as well as repair the pedestal which was damaged. Sammut said that finally the surrounding area would be embellished as well as new lights would be added.

When asked if the monument was under the care of the Local Council or the Ministry, Sammut replied that they are filing all the necessary applications and it would be the Council paying for the restoration.

Sammut remarked that other monuments will be restored, that an application has been filed to restore a monument in Fra Diegu and another monument will be restored in St Paul Square for which an application was already approved by the Planning Authority.

Recently, the monument in Great Siege Square was closed off for what the Cultural Minister described as “urgent restoration works” however no planning application was filed with the Planning Authority. Newsbook.com.mt repeatedly asked for the Restoration Method Statement, which was never received.