Half do not read service provider T&Cs

46% of respondents to a survey did not read the terms and conditions prior to signing a contract with their service provider.

The survey was conducted in July of 2019 by MISCO on the behalf of the Malta Communications Authority (MCA). The survey concerned the consumer and electronic communications services. This was carried out among the general public.

86% of the individuals who did read the terms and conditions prior to signing the contract considered the clauses to be very understandable. 83% consider the font of the contract to be legible or fairly legible.

Furthermore, 80% of respondents were provided with a copy of the contract after signing it. However, individuals aged between 18 and 24 years were the least likely to be provided with a copy of their contract.

Other findings included the fact that 95% of survey respondents who experienced a temporary fault in electronic communications services did not receive any compensation. 30% were expecting compensation. Of these 30%, 59% expected a deduction in the bill.