Ħal Far murder: ‘I didn’t kill anybody’

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

One of the two soldiers who stand accused with murdering Lassana Cisse in April, cried incessantly throughout his interrogation as he insisted that he had not killed anyone, a court heard on Tuesday.

Lorin Scicluna and Francesco Fenech stand accused of a racially motivated murder.

Scicluna had at first denied any involvement in the drive-by shooting, in which two other men were also injured.

Police Inspector Trevor Micallef testified in court, described Scicluna’s behaviour following his arrest up to the arraignment.

Scicluna told the police that on the day of the drive-by shooting, he had taken his weapon to shoot cats at Ħal Far. Fenech who was in the passenger seat, allegedly leaned across firing the weapon outside the car window and then fired again as the car moved further down the road. This version of event was allegedly supplied by Scicluna during under interrogation.

The inspector explained that Scicluna had at first told police that he had rented out his car to a Syrian man, who had brought it back with a smashed windscreen. He then rented the car to the Syrian man around the time of the shooting.

Under cross-examination by lawyer Franco Debono, Micallef told the court that Scicluna cried a lot during his interrogation insisting that he had not killed anyone. The investigators had asked Scicluna who then had killed Cisse. No reply came forth, with Scicluna crying even more.

Debono asked Micallef if Scicluna had told the police of what he was afraid of, with Micallef saying ‘no’. Lawyer Gianella De Marco who is appearing for Fenech remarked that probably the accused was crying because he was sorry for what he had done.

Cisse’s former manager and a friend of his also took the witness stand on Tuesday. His former manager described him as a normal worker while his friend described him as a ‘very good man’.

Police Inspector Keith Arnaud led the prosecution. Lawyer Nadia Attard appeared on behalf of the Attorney General’s Office. Lawyers Franco Debono, Kris Busietta and Julian Farrugia appeared for Scicluna while lawyers Stephen Tonna Lowell appeared for Fenech.


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