Ħajt tal-Matla restoration project completed in 3 months

DOI/Pierre Sammut

A restoration project on Ħajt tal-Matla in Imqabba was completed in three months. The Ħajt tal-Matla is a stone passageway that was built during the medieval ages. The wall extends from the old Parish Church with the old village of Ħal Milllieri.

The works carried out by the Restoration Directorate included cleaning by brushing and scraping of biological soiling, structural consolidation and rebuilding parts of the wall which have deteriorated over time.

The wall uses an old method of building, using random stone placements with no mortar joints. Usually, these are located next to rural villages in fields that suffer from flooding during the winter season.

This project was finalised following the approval of the Restoration Works Scheme for Local Councils, which was issued by the Ministry for Culture and Local Government, through the office of the Restoration Directorate in collaboration with the Department for Local Government.