Watch: Parliamentary privilege can no longer be absolute – PL Whip

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Labour whip Byron Camilleri said that it is time that parliamentary privilege is no longer treated as absolute right and there must be a system to redress those offended by comments made in Parliamentary sessions.

This proposal could mean that MPs must be careful before passing comment in Parliament.

The Labour Whip made these comments during the Newsbook hour programme on 103FM earlier today. Camilleri said that the law on parliamentary immunity or privilege should be reviewed, adding that there are members of the Opposition who are abusing this parliamentary right.

With the reopening of Parliament this week, Camilleri said that the first five hearings will begin on amendments to the draft Education Law, with all the other hearings until the end of the year dedicated to Budget 2020 in a bid to have all of the Ministry’s estimates approved in Parliament by the of the year. Approval of the budget should be carried out before the Christmas holidays, in time for its implementation in 2020.

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Opposition Nationalist Whip Robert Cutajar also appeared on the programme.

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