Gżira council petitions Parliament in bid to stop garden relocation of petrol station

The Gżira local council has launched a petition to Parliament as it continues its efforts to stop the planned relocation of a petrol station to the Council of Europe Gardens.

The service station presently located just opposite Manoel Island is set to be relocated a short distance away, resulting in the loss of some 930sqm of open spaces.

The council agreed to launch the petition in its last meeting. The petition, which may be signed online, runs for two months.

In the petition, presented by mayor Conrad Borg Manché on its behalf, the council argues that “the Gżira community and the Maltese public are in desperate need of green open spaces in the ever-growing urban areas.”

“Our children have nowhere else to play, our families have nowhere else to meet, our senior citizens have nowhere else to rest. The Gzira Garden is the last remaining oasis in a suffocated locality with construction, commercialisation and traffic,” the council maintained.

The petition thus asks MPs to ensure that no part of the garden is given under any form of title or lease, or exchanged to accommodate a fuel station, car wash and ancillary facilities, and to allow to public to continue to enjoy the site in full.