GWU pensioners insist elderly should not be left to queue in the heat

Miguela Xuereb

The pensioners’ association within the General Workers’ Union is demanding that the elderly and other vulnerable people should be spared queues at places like health centres, post office branches and banks.

Such queues have increased as a result of social distancing measures limiting the spread of Covid-19, but the GWU’s Għaqda Pensjonanti noted that many were suffering in the summer heat as they waited to be served.

Consequently, it asked the authorities to implement various measures to address this, such as extended opening hours, providing additional services through local councils and introducing a system of appointments, so the elderly would know when they should be served.

It also suggested an education campaign to help the elderly learn how to use electronic banking services, and to extend the validity of the vouchers handed out by the government earlier this year to encourage spending in local outlets.