GWU insists on paid quarantine leave

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The General Workers Union, GWU, has requested a meeting with the Minister for social dialogue Carmelo Abela to discuss the issue of quarantine leave and sick leave. In a statement issued on Friday the GWU said that the request was made a few days ago.

The union is requesting this meeting inorder to safeguard the workers who tests positive to coronavirus and would be demanded to stay in quarantine. The union stated that there are instances where some employees were being informed that sick leave and not quarantine leave will apply if they test or have tested positive for the virus.

The GWU said that this is unfair as these employees would receive a notification to inform them about their obligations to observe quarantine and fine if they do not abide by the measures.

The union continued to explain that the legal notice states that any employee who is asked to quarantine is entitled to special leave and his or her wage should not be affected.

The GWU said that this situation is confusing and is creating unnecessary tension amongst employees since it concerns their sick leave entitlement. For this reason, the union said that it does not exclude industrial actions against certain workplaces where its members are being affected by such decisions.