GWU and PM disagreeing on Mater Dei parking conclusion


The General Workers’ Union (GWU) and the Prim Minister (PM) are not agreeing on whether the issue regarding workers at Mater Dei having to pay for parking has been concluded or not.

Although the GWU said that the decision has not been finalised, the PM said on One Radio that they have arrived at a conclusion.

A spokesperson for GWU told that the discussions have led to a scaffolding of an agreement. However, the next step is for the GWU to meet up with its members and confirm that they agree with the points made, so that the agreement may be finalised.

He explained that if the members do not agree, there can be no finalisation without further discussion.

However, during an interview on One Radio, the PM said that workers who use their personal cars will be parking for free, while those who use public transport will be given an €18 allowance.

In these past few weeks, a number of sources spoke to about the situation, describing that it is unfair that they are to be paying for parking.

A single mother who works at Mater Dei Hospital told that with a wage of €950 she is expected to raise three children, along with paying for parking to go to work.

The public will also be benefiting from lower tariffs, with a decrease of 60c.