Guide to prospective Junior College students

The Junior College Prospectus will be online on Friday 20th July. On Thursday, there will be three orientation sessions for prospective students. Then, as of Monday, guidance services will offer guidance to prospectives students in terms of subject choice.

In a press release, Junior College (JC) said that the Prospectus includes all the neccessary information for every student to choose their subjects and apply. It is also a student’s essential guide throughout their time in JC.

The three orientation sessions are to be held at the University of Malta in Sir Temi Zammit Hall, and prospective students are to attend as follows:

Surnames A-C at 8.30a.m

Surnames D-M at 10.00a.m

Surnames N-Z at 11.30a.m

Paul Xuereb, the Principal, along with other JC officials, will be addressing the students. The Prospectus will be passed out during these sessions.

As from October 2018, the following study programmes will be on offer:

  1. Matriculation Course (2 years)
  • First Year
  • Second Year
  1. Special Programme for National Team Athletes (2 years)
  2. Special Programme for Medicine and Science Oriented Students (1 year)
  3. Special Programme for Students with Disability (applies only to exceptional circumstances – maximum 4 years)
  4. Evening Practical Courses in Biology and Chemistry (1 year)

Students who require guidance are to call 2590 7201.