GUG suggests teleconferenced lectures post-COVID-19

Miguela Xuereb

The Gozo University Group (GUG) said that it has proposed the idea of university lectures to be held via teleconferencing from the Gozo University campus, however, they have been rebutted by the University of Malta multiple times. 

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the GUG said that the Gozo campus is already equipped with the necessary equipment to provide these teleconferencing services and making the lives of Gozitan students’ easier, and to not use them is a waste of money and resources.

“This unfortunate pandemic that has struck our islands has shown that not only is it possible for lectures to be held online, but also very convenient for both the lecturers and students” -said the Gozo University Group.

The GUG said that during their last meeting with Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri, this issue was discussed and according to the group Minister Camilleri was supportive and informed them that he was ready to help them out in any way but they need the backing of the University of Malta.

They also emphasised that they are not asking that lectures are only to be held via online conferencing, however, they feel the need to have the option for students to be able to attend the lectures through a teleconferencing service.

“It is absurd that Gozitan students would arrive home on a Friday night at 10 or 11 pm, depending on traffic, and barely enjoy 36 hours in a whole week with their families before heading back to Malta. More importantly, this would benefit part-time Gozitan students reading for their master’s who also work in Gozo during the week”- stated GUG.

They also mentioned how some students do not even have the means to rent in Malta and are forced to commute to Malta daily to go to their lectures.

The Gozo University Group said that it is aware that this idea is not optimal for every course at university and that there should be some type of flexibility, however, if this system is integrated slowly into the education system, it would be a great step forward for Gozitan students.

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