Group of 70 migrants to be brought to Malta

AFM - Arkivji

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A group of around 70 migrants will be allowed to disembark in Malta.

In a statement, the Government said that a boat carrying irregular immigrants was spotted in the Maltese search and rescue zone. It said that these immigrants will need to be brought to Malta in the coming hours. They will be detained upon their arrival.

The Government said that the authorities had been observing the boat for a number of hours.

On Twitter, Alarm Phone said that there were around 70 migrants.

Malta’s Government said that no more irregular migrants would be allowed in, even if these are rescued by NGOs.

The Government said that that the Cabinet took Malta’s current situation in consideration. The Maltese Government said that it’s not in a position to guarantee rescue resources to irregular immigrants.

“Over the past months and years, Malta was under a disproportionate amount of pressure due to immigrant arrivals, and it received little to no tangible help. Nevertheless, thousands of lives were saved over the years,” said the Government.

The Government said that since the Superintendent of Public Health declared a public health emergency, it decided that allowing irregular immigrants into the country would prejudice all the efforts being made to prevent the spread of the virus.

The Maltese Government sent a letter to the European Commission outlining its position.

Malta’s statement to the EC