“Green New Deal must have clear milestones” – Alfred Sant

Alfred SANT in the EP in Strasbourg

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Alfred Sant, Member of the European Parliament (MEP), stated that the European Union’s Green New Deal must be specific and have clear milestones towards achieving a plan.

In a column about the Green New Deal co-signed by a number of MEPs, Sant noted that the European Commission has decided to emphasise this program. He said that this then could be an opportunity to unite EU Member States around a common goal.

The Green New Deal is a plan to fight climate change by cutting half the greenhouse emissions by 2030.

“First, the implementation of a Green New Deal must go through a change of economic indicators”, he said. He added that the current economic indicators will never give a true inventory of biodiversity loss, air quality, climate change and the risk of floods or other natural disasters.

Sant concluded by saying that Frans Timmermans, the executive vice-president in charge of the Green New Deal, should be given the authority to guide Member States’ public finances to facilitate the program.