Watch: Grech insists PM must stop claiming pandemic is under control

Updated 03:25 PM

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Opposition Leader Bernard Grech appealed to Prime Minister Robert Abela to stop deceiving the public and claiming that the pandemic was under control in Malta.

At a political activity organised by the Nationalist Party in Żurrieq, Grech said that it was clear that the situation had slipped out of control with Malta registering over 100 new cases every day and the number of deaths rising.

Grech insisted that everyone was now aware that the PM was immature, incorrect and had deceived the Maltese when he asked them to go out and enjoy themselves because he wanted to do the same.

The PN leader said that in the PM’s shoes, he would have chosen to tell the truth: that while the pandemic appeared to have peaked by July, one could not deceive oneself and think it was over.

Politicians, added Grech, had to tell the truth or risk reaching a point where people’s lives would be lost needlessly.

The elderly have become prisoners

The PN leader insisted that no one – irrespective of their age – should die prematurely or be denied treatment, and that no one should be prevented from receiving treatment simply because human or other resources have proven insufficient.

He also said that the elderly deserved to be treated with dignity, stating that they had become the slaves or prisoners of the present. Grech appealed to the PM to create new services to help the elderly cope with loneliness in such a difficult time, without being “a cynic or a bully.”

PN must show it has faith in the south

The activity was held in a locality that forms part of the fifth electoral district, which Grech – who hails from nearby Birżebbuġa – will be contesting in the next general election.

He recognised that the party performed poorly in the south of Malta, but said that he chose to contest there to show how the party put faith in the people living in these districts.

Grech insisted that the PN believed in workers, and that the government neglected them in favour of criminals. While the economy grew, it only worked in the favour of the wealthy, he said.

As Abela did in Labour’s own Sunday political activity, Grech insisted that he wished for a young party, which would build on the experience and maturity of its veterans but which did not fear renewal.

Grech also paid tribute to MEP Roberta Metsola, who has been appointed Vice-President of the European Parliament. He appealed to the PM to congratulate her for this unprecedented achievement, and to avoid using the Labour Party media to blame everything going wrong in Malta on the two PN MEPs.