Grandparents Malta head publicly renounces PN membership to Delia


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Head of the Nationalist Party Adrian Delia had intended to discuss the elderly with the Head of Grandparents Malta, Philip Michael Chircop, when Chircop said he would be cancelling his PN membership.

Chircop told Dr Delia this at the beginning of the news conference on the elderly.

According to TVM, Chircop said that the main reason is because he is the founder of Grandparents Malta, but also because he was hurt by the internal division within the Opposition.

Delia had said that he expected to be discussing the elderly. He continued by telling Chircop that he would allow him to make his speeches before the media and then he would continue with his own.

In a PN statement, Delia told Chircop that seniors were dear to the party and that they must be assisted to live a decent life.

The party also said that they would be formulating a policy to give the elderly and pensioners’ ‘the importance they deserve’. Accompanying Delia was Deputy PN leader, Ivan Bartolo.

The PN statement on the event did not make reference to Chircop’s decision to cancel his membership.