Graffitti calls for the overdue resignation of Keith Schembri

Moviment Graffitti issued a statement calling for the resignation of PM’s Chief of Staff Keith Schembri following the latter’s withdrawal of a libel case to avoid giving potentially incriminating evidence. Graffitti said that Schembri’s alleged involvement in the offshore company 17 Black is a constant reminder that the Maltese political system is ‘drowning in dirty money’. Graffitti said that Schembri is a primary reference point for what it described as a dishonest system which was built on the quiet by a business elite for the benefit of that same elite.

17 Black: Schembri withdraws libel suit – Newsbook

Graffitti insisted that Schembri should have resigned 1,322 days ago when the news of his offshore accounts broke out. It added that it was not surprising that this situation arose given that the lack of enforcement has led to a free-for-all situation in various sectors including planning, construction and the ‘enslavement and abuse’ of workers.