Gozo’s second fibre optic link to pass through protected areas

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The application for the second fibre optic cable connecting Malta and Gozo is expected to be approved on Tuesday by the Planning Commission.

The submarine fibre optic will start from Xewkija head to il-Fessej, laid underwater and will emerge from Golden Bay on to Mġarr in Malta.

The application includes both the terrestrial and marine routes. It also includes the construction of Point of Presence (POP) room at Xewkija Industrial Estate on top of termination manhole for cable and the demolition of existing toilets and the construction of POP room and new toilets and bus shelter at Iż-Żebbiegħ.

According to the Case Officer’s report the proposal falls under various marine and terrestrial protected sites as well as archaeological sites.

However the route of the cable has been endorsed by the Environment and Resource Authority and the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage, with the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage saying that the construction of the POP room in iż-Żebbiegħ is within a site which is already impacted.

The application was filed by Mario Galea the CEO of the Malta Enterprise.